Test-riding the VanMoof Electrified S

The Verge By Thomas Ricker

The 2016 Vanmoof Electrified S is one of, if not the best pedal-assisted electric bikes available. The 2017 model is even better.
I just spent a week with a prototype of the new Electrified S on the cobbled streets of VanMoof’s HQ city of Amsterdam. The two most notable changes are an enhanced boost mode and all new motor and electronics.

Hitting the boost button doesn’t jolt the bike forward like before. Instead, it delivers a smooth increase in power until the button is released, or you hit a legal maximum of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) in Europe, or a more generous 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US.

The motor is now more efficient and significantly quieter — so quiet that other cyclists will wonder if you’re riding an electric bike or if you’re just a very powerful and attractive human being…

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Test-riding the VanMoof Electrified S
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