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VERTO X7 UL2272 certified electric scooter | MOBOT

Author: MOBOT via YouTube
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VERTO X7 UL2272 certified electric scooter | MOBOT

VERTO X7 UL2272 Certified Electric Scooter

The VERTO X7 is a UL2272 certified, LTA compliant e-scooter. The X7 is probably the only UL2272 certified e-scooter with detachable battery.

This e-scooter is specially designed for those riders who wish to travel long distance without stopping to re-charge.  A single charge can travel up to 25km. With 2 backup batteries, the X7 can travel up to 75km.

This e-scooter is loved by food delivery and long distance leisure riders.

[Detachable battery]
The X7 UL2272 certified e-scooter comes with a detachable battery. With a flick of the cover, the battery is easily pulled up and replaced with a full charge one. In addition, the battery can be charged separately. Therefore you can continue to use your e-scooter while charging the other battery in your home or office.

Each 6.4AH li-ion high quality li-ion battery tube can travel up to 25km on a full charge. Therefore by just having 2 backup batteries, you can travel up to 75km.

Using 36V 350W DC brushless motor, the X7 can achieve a maximum speed of 25km/h.

This e-scooter is equipped with rear mechanical disc brake, front and rear lights.

[Modern design]
Constructed with robust aluminium alloy frame, the X7 is both stylish and durable. The built-in display panel provides information on speed and battery level.

[Cruise control]
This e-scooter is equipped with cruise control. Therefore you can lock in your desired speed by holding the throttle at the same position for 6 seconds. After which, the e-scooter will travel at the locked speed without you pressing the throttle.

[Quick fold & Compact]
The X7 UL2272 certified e-scooter easily folds with a flick of the lever. It folds down neatly and locks on to the rear fender. Once folded, it is very compact. You can conveniently bring it onboard public transport or store in your car boot.

The front and rear 8.5″ tubeless tyres provide strong traction and are able to cushion your ride through uneven ground.

* Product specifications subjected to change without notice.

[Important Note]
From 2 Jan 2019, you must register your e-scooter with Land Transport Authority (LTA).
As of 5 May 2019, the X7 is certified to UL2272.


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