Vlog006 – passing emtbs on the way up!

Author: LMX Bikes via YouTube
Vlog006 - passing emtbs on the way up!

Riding the lmx64 in the parc du Pilat, doing some hard technical climbs and passing normal e bikes on the way up without using the Throttle.

The LMX 64 is a lightweight e bike using patented dual transmission technology. We produce the frames in France and ship worldwide.


Full bike specifications :

frame specifications and standards
Headset standard : Top ZS56 Bottom ZS44
Recommended fork travel :
160-180mm single crown with 34-36mm (“High” shock position)
200mm dual crown (“low” shock position)
Shock : 200x50mm (160mm travel) 200×57 (180mm travel)
Max shock diameter supported: 55mm
Eyelets/bushings : 22x8mm top and bottom
32h rear hub, 203mm rear disc and IS to PM203 adapter required
Flip chip in the shock mount to adjust geometry by 1° for head tube and 8mm for BB
65° head tube angle in High position with 160mm fork
76° seat tube angle
340mm bottom bracket height with 160mm fork in high position
660mm reach in L size
610mm reach in M size
170mm cranks by default (165mm also available on request)
30.9mm seat tube diameter
125mm dropper seat-post recommended. Shorter riders may want to opt for a
100mm one. TransX external cable routing model recommended
Control and power systems
12 mosfet controller with high phase amps from Nucular
System designed for 2000W+ peak power
Motor tested for 1500W mechanical for 50 minutes at 80% of max RPM
Temp sensor : KTY84
Max motor temp recommended 135°C
12t and 14t motor sprockets available
Battery info
Designed for reention DP-6 cases (70cells) as “jumbo” packs sold by EM3EV
Fits hailong (14s4p 56 cells) and big hailong (14s5p 70cells) battery but the side
access ports for charge and key may not line up as well
Max battery width : 90mm
Max battery in stock config : 40A
Battery voltages set for 14S in stock config
System designed for voltages from 10s to 16S (36v to 60v nominal)
Support channels
Workshop phone : +33981683148 French business hours Monday to Friday, French
and English spoken
Contact @ lmxbikes . com
LMX owners group on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/LMX.O…
Nucular electronics wiki : http://nucularelectronics.wikidot.com…
Nucular users group on telegram :

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Vlog006 – passing emtbs on the way up!
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