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VOLT™ Brings Our Pedals to Parliament

VOLT™ Brings Our Pedals to Parliament

Last week, a few members of the VOLT™ team headed to Westminster and took our pedelecs to Parliament!

In an effort to raise awareness of electric bikes, the event saw Lords, Baronesses and MPs get on two wheels to see the benefits of e-bikes for themselves.

Organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group and Cycle to Work Alliance, the demonstration shed light on the many opportunities that electric bikes provide. Their unique ability to remove barriers in terms of age, health and ability were a particular talking point.

An MP rides the VOLT Burlington at Parliament.

The panel also discussed ways to make e-bikes more accessible for individuals based on cost. It examined raising the budget ceiling on cycle to work schemes to make electric bikes more affordable to all.

With countless people renewing their love for cycling by way of their e-bikes, it’s great to see Parliament bringing them into the limelight. Book a test ride and see the possibilities for yourself.

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