Volt Metro Commuter Folding Electric Bike Review

www.coachmag.co.uk By JONATHAN SHANNON

Electric bikes are funny beasts. Folding bikes are also funny beasts. Logic dictates, then, that folding e-bikes are nothing short of hilarious – but there’s much to recommend in this 2017 model from Volt, a company that has been in the e-bike game since 2008.

A quick summary: it’s ideal for cycling busy roads in central London because of the extra control added by the thumb throttle; the fact it folds up means it can be tucked away more easily in my house at night; and the fat, spongy seat and fork suspension made for a smooth ride over the potholes that pockmark the streets of the capital.
Add to that the usual e-bike advantages of cycling uphill, or anywhere, without breaking a sweat and the relatively low price of £1,299 (relative for e-bikes) and it makes for a compelling package…

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Volt Metro Commuter Folding Electric Bike Review
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