What Is The eROCKIT And Who Is It For?

Source: www.rideapart.com
As more and more players enter the realm of electric bikes, scooters, and motorcycles, the definition of what is and isn’t a motorcycle sometimes get blurry. An easy answer is that any type of two-wheeled conveyance is for anyone who wants to ride it—and of course that’s true. Still, sometimes you have no choice but to ask the question, “who is this particular thing intended to benefit?” Right now, that’s what we’re wondering about the eROCKIT.
Various publications have been writing about the German startup eROCKIT since at least 2009, when Treehugger noted that the company would be making just 10 bikes for release that year, at an eye-watering price of $44,000 apiece—with a down-payment of $35,000 required …
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What Is The eROCKIT And Who Is It For?
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