Wide Path bicycle camper could be a micro RV for your e-bike

TreeHugger By Derek Markham ( @derekmarkham )
When paired with an electric bike, this tiny camping trailer might be a great green getaway option.
If you’re looking to get some of the benefits of a travel camper, without the huge environmental footprint, a bike-towable micro camper might be the way to go, and this one is finally available in the US.
We’ve previously covered the Wide Path camper a few times, and while it looks like a really cool option for the pedal-centric traveler, a quick glance at the empty weight of this foldable camper (40kg / 88lb) raises some questions about just exactly who would be willing and able to pull it behind their bike. However, with the growing number of electric bikes and e-bike conversions on the market, pairing the Wide Path camper with an electrified bike seems like the best fit.

There aren’t a whole lot of pull-behind accessories made specifically for e-bikes (though that looks to be an emerging market as electric bike adoption increases), and I haven’t seen any consumer electric bikes directly targeting those who want to pull a trailer, other than cargo bikes, but the opportunity is there to pair up an adequately-powered e-bike with a right-sized trailer…
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Wide Path bicycle camper could be a micro RV for your e-bike
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