3 Wheel Scooter Triad 750 XL CSX Quantum Dual Rear Drive Off Road Electric Scooter for Adults Review

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3 Wheel Scooter Triad 750 XL CSX Quantum Dual Rear Drive Off Road Electric Scooter for Adults Review

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The 1000W independent rear drive Quantum Dual from Triad Electric Vehicles is the latest pioneering achievement by the world’s leading 3 wheel electric scooter manufacturer. Triad consistently outperforms all the competitor look-a-likes. The Triad Electric Vehicles adult electric scooter is built for industrial and commercial use so it outlasts all the competitors for quality and performance.

Independently controlled rear drive motors pack 1000W continuous motor power (3000W peak power) as the most powerful 3 wheel electric vehicle for adults available. With increased traction and torque, the Triad Quantum Dual is the most versatile 3 wheel scooter for adults for paved areas, gravel, dirt bike paths, steep inclines and thick grassy areas. Triad Electric Vehicles 3 wheel electric scooter for adults has most natural power to get wherever you need to go. Variable throttle and speed controller switch on the handlebar can limit the speed to slower than walking.

Triad Electric Vehicles is the actual manufacturer using the highest quality components to build 3 wheel electric scooters for adults. Customize your vehicle for personal or professional use with many colors and options available. Triad uses automotive grade electric car battery technology for the longest lasting value of any e scooter on the market. Our single automotive grade lithium battery weighs 10X less and lasts 24x longer than any competitors’ lead acid batteries.

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4 models to choose from and up to 12 colors available. Call 855-648-7423 for best pricing.



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