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French startups put the ‘E’ into easy riding

Source: As electric bicycles become popular, a number of manufacturers in France are bringing innovations for improving their performance. The French startup Teebike has developed a universal front wheel that turns a bicycle into an electric bicycle … Read more:

Electric bikes supercharge BCycle program; ridership doubled in 2019 with electrified fleet

Source: lectric bikes have supercharged Madison’s bike share program. Ridership of Madison BCycle more than doubled in 2019 following the conversion of the fleet to e-bikes, which use battery-powered motors to give riders a boost … Read more:

Here’s how electric bikes and e-scooters can help prevent spreading coronavirus –

Source: Electrek Electric bicycles, electric scooters and other personal electric vehicles have long been touted for their economic and environmental benefits. But now we’re seeing how these types of vehicles are being effectively employed as one more option to defend commuters from contracting and/or spreading coronavirus … Read more:

1 in 6 Belgians use an electric bike

Source: The use of the electric bike is on the increase in Belgium with one out of six Belgians currently using one. This was one of the main findings of the 8th report of the National Road Safety Investigation by Vias, which was this year focused on bike use … Read more:

FAME II subsidy should be extended to electric bicycles to increase their adoption; Aditya Munjal of Lectro e-Mobility

Source: The Financial Express The subsidies will directly ensure that manufacturers will pass on the benefits to customers, thereby ensuring a lower price point and hence a wider acceptability … Read more: