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Senate OKs bill clearing path for e-bikes in Wisconsin

Source: KBJR 6 Bikes with small rechargeable electric motors that are gaining in popularity would be regulated in a new way under a bill the Wisconsin Legislature has passed. The measure changes how electric bikes, or e-bikes, are regulated under state law … Read more:

The Latest Development in Electric Bike Affordability – Stark Drive

Source: Entertainment Today I have been following the Electric Bike market with interest. Like similar developments in vehicles larger (cars) and smaller (scooters), bikes powered by batteries have seen steady improvements in performance and price … Read more:

Walmart Slashes Prices on Ebikes and Razor Escooters for Labor Day

Source: Digital Trends Electric bikes and scooters play a quickly-increasing variety of roles. Whether used for commuting, beach cruising, trail riding, or just tooling around the neighborhood, ebikes and escooters take many shapes and forms at prices that range from a few hundred dollars to nearly $10,000 … Read more: