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AM GT EN15194 electric bicycle | MOBOT

AM GT EN15194 Electric Bicycle (ebike) | MOBOT

The AM GT is a EN15194 certified ebike (or electric bicycle).

The AM GT is the first 48V compact full suspension long distance EN15194 certified ebike in Singapore. Furthermore, it is also the first power-assisted bicycle (PAB) to come with anti-theft remote lock. Using LG battery cells, this ebike can travel up to 150 km on a full charge.

On the whole, the AM GT is a tiny monster for the urban world.

Note 1: In Singapore, ebike is also known as Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB).

Note 2: AM-GT ebike is suitable for food delivery riders (Foodpanda, Grabfood and Deliveroo).

The AM GT ebike frame is made of aluminum alloy. This material is the preferred choice for lightweight, high strength and good corrosion resistance properties.

For those of you who are familiar with DYU, KNIGHT PRO and KNIGHT GT, the AM GT electric bicycle adopts a similar frame design with a deliberately crafted groove below the holding area for a more natural carrying posture. It can be easily brought up to the MRT or bus.

The front stem is foldable. After folding, it measures 0.3m in width. You can easily fit up to 2 units in a regular sized car boot. Unlike DYU, it comes with an adjustable seat to cater to riders of different heights.

This ebike uses a 48V 240W DC brushless geared motor. Unlike other 36V ebikes with non geared motor, the AM-GT adopts a 48V system and geared motor for improved torque. Therefore this electric bicycle is suitable for heavier riders or riding in areas with many slopes.

There are 3 levels of electric assistance mode to choose from, depending on the riding condition.

The AM GT power-assisted bicycle (PAB) adopts an in-built battery using 18650 LG cells. The advantage of such design is that the waterproofing is better and poor battery connection issues are minimised.

The 48V 17.5 AH LG li-ion battery is able to assist the rider up to 150km per full charge.

This PAB uses 12″ diameter and 2.125″ wide pneumatic tyres with sports rim (without spokes). Furthermore, the AM-GT is also the first ebike to come with front and rear suspension. Therefore this ebike is suitable for urban city and also partially rough terrain use.

This ebike comes with a large display panel that displays the speed, electric assistance level, battery level and distance travelled.

The AM GT electric bicycle uses Shimano front and rear disc brakes. This PAB has with front light (white) and rear light (red).

In addition, this ebike comes with built-in anti-theft alarm with remote lock.

[Important note]
Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are also known as Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs).

AM GT is pending type approval by LTA.

The use of e-bike in Singapore is regulated by the authorities. Some of the important regulations are:
1. PAB rider must wear a helmet when riding on roads.
2. PAB rider and pillion must be 16 years and above
3. PABs cannot be used on pedestrian pathways.


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AM GT Electric Bicycle



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