Announcements and Upcoming Projects!

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Announcements and Upcoming Projects!

Announcements and Upcoming Projects!
I sold the Ford Ranger EV. It went out to somebody who used to own one, was currently looking for one, and knows the history and technology of those vehicles. Good luck to the new owner.

Selling the truck not only gave me some more space in my garage, but seems to have opened up come good karma as well. Immediately after, I was contacted by several people about potential projects.

The big first one is that I’ve been commissioned to convert a tractor to electric. Not a lawn tractor, a full-size farm tractor! This should be a great project, and I’m really hoping to create something along the line of a “BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC TRACTOR” video series!

I also now have a very large 3-phase AC motor, powerful enough to directly drive a van or full-size truck. Not sure exactly what we will be doing with it, but at a bare minimum, I think creating a general video about using AC motors in home EV conversions is the way to go.

I was also contacted by a YouTuber with a pretty good following who is interested in converting a diesel 4×4 truck to electric for his channel. Pickup trucks are still one thing you can’t just run out and buy as electric, and 4-wheel drive would be an interesting challenge.

I found a salvaged Mitsubishi iMiEV up at auto auction. We’ll see what price it goes for, but those are interesting vehicles because nobody knows what they are. A battery from one of those would make a great battery back-up. Especially since it have CHAdeMO, which can be used to PULL power from a battery, not just send power to it!

Lastly, and I forgot to even mention this in the video, is that I have access to a crashed Chevy Volt over at a friend’s barn. That vehicle might be a great source of parts.

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