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Bike-sharing promotes cycling culture in China

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By Mahmoud Fouly

“Riding a bicycle is so convenient as it avoids traffic jams and saves time,” said Ryan Zhuhonghao, a senior at Renmin University. “For me, bike-sharing is a brilliant idea and the cycling culture is so useful indeed.”

The young man, who has been unlocking a shared bicycle using his smart phone at Chengfu Road in Beijing’s Haidian District, is one of over 130 million users in the world’s most populous country, which now has around 70 bike-sharing brands operating more than 16 million bicycles nationwide, according to the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

Pioneered by two leading Chinese companies, Tencent-based Beijing company Mobike and its Didi Chuxing-backed rival Ofo, bike-sharing is certainly booming in China…

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