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Brose Electric Bike Original LCD Display Settings

Author: via YouTube
Brose Electric Bike Original LCD Display Settings

While visiting the Raleigh Electric headquarters in Southern California, I was able to check out the 2018 Tamland iE ebike, which uses the Original LCD-Display from Brose, with the Brose Drive T motor unit. This display is one of my favorites because it’s fairly large and easy to read, removable for safe storage, and the mount has a full sized USB Type A (5 volt, 500 milliamp) port built in to charge or maintain your portable electronics. There are two parts to this display: the LCD unit and an independent button pad which can be mounted within reach of either grip.

Quick tips:
– The buttons on the LCD include: Power, Lights, and Menu.
– The buttons on the independent button pad include: Up, Menu, Down.
– To reset trip distance, average speed, max speed, hold Menu and Lights on the display unit
– To activate walk mode, arrow down to no assist (you may see a little triangle next to the speed readout), then hold the down arrow.
– To change units from miles to kilometers, turn the battery pack on first, then turn the display off, then hold the menu key and power button on the display. I had to do this one a few times, it seemed inconsistent, but it does work 🙂

Navigation aids:
– How to remove the display at 0:12
– How to activate the display at 0:48
– How to clear stats at 1:37
– How to activate walk mode at 2:32
– How to change units (miles to kilometers) at 2:56

Unfortunately, I was not able to figure out how to set the clock on this display, please chime in with comments if you know how! I have attached photographs of the instruction manual from Brose to a forum post which you can visit here:

The official Brose website lists more information about the display panel at: