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Bultaco Motors is expanding its offerings in tune with today’s demand for electric bikes.

Here is an excerpt from a report by Cynthia Shahan that wrote at

Bultaco Motors is and will continue to be a motorcycle maker. Not dwelling on the past, though, the company is expanding its offerings and in tune with today’s demand for bicycles, especially electric bikes. All three kinds of vehicles enjoy the freedom of the open air, so why not offer the complete range? Take a look at the new Bultaco Brinco R-B for an example of what a motorcycle maker does when it moves into bikes.

Another opportunity for creative bicycle transit is at hand with the Bultaco Brinco R-B. The freshest bicycle of the Brinco line costs €3,302 (taxes not included). It has a maximum power output of 2 kW and a top speed of 60 km/h, so it’s no slacker…

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