Chris Hoffmann EARLY DAYS

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Chris Hoffmann EARLY DAYS

I exploded out of high school to land a job as an engineer designing machines for the auto industry.
At night I played in a punk band in dive bars across Detroit.

It was the perfect balance of sophomoric fuck-you and tongue-in-cheek humor to keep me interested.
I built a music studio into an old bomb factory down by a junk yard.

I painted it bright yellow inside and hung a pair of fishnet-stocking clad mannequin legs over the door.
At our peak, we opened for a major touring band. I really idolized the lead singer, a clear driven talent.
After my band rocked our set, flailing in the mosh-pit, I looked over to see the lead singer just before he slammed into me, it felt like an affirmation, a thank you for such a great show.

Six months later, I was leaning against a strip club sign outside our last gig when one of our followers came up, “Fuck Detroit man, you’re ready for New York.”

There I recorded half an album of pop songs before my future wife talked me out of it.

Just before leaving Detroit, the film ZUG was shot in our downtown industrial loft. It pretty much summarizes my stay in Detroit. It went on to win twelve major independent film awards. I won the CINE Silver Eagle for best soundtrack.

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