Electric Bill Feb. – 92% Savings w/ Solar and T.O.U.

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Electric Bill Feb. - 92% Savings w/ Solar and T.O.U.

I open my February electric bill live on camera! What will it be this month?
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For more about my solar array, please visit: https://300mpg.org/bens-solar-garage/

This month’s electric bill is interesting because we are finally starting to come out of the cloudy part of winter. February tends to be pretty cloudy still, but started clearing up at the end of the month. The beginning of March (when I got the bill and shot this video) has been nice and sunny!

Besides having installed my own solar, I am also on a Time of Use plan with my power company. I pay $0.20/kWh during "On-Peak" times (weekdays, 8AM-8PM) and $0.06/kWh during "Off-Peak" times (nights, weekends, and holidays.)

The COMBINATION of Solar AND Time of Use saved me 92% over what I would have paid for a standard electric bill! I ran the numbers and compared my actual bill vs what it would have been without the solar or time of use plan. Either by itself would have saved me money, but Solar AND Time of Use is a GREAT way to go!

We have two plug-in cars, and charge them during "Off-Peak" times. The Chevy Volt has a great timer feature built right in, so I just set that as the default. On the Mitsubishi, I’ll plug it into the custom Home Automation control I built for it:

DIY Home Automation Controller for Electric Car Charging

The knife I used as a letter opener is made by TRAYVAX. You might remember me running over one of their wallets years back… They make some great products, and are an amazing Designed and Made in America company. I managed to wrangle a discount code from them. If you are interested in any of their products, use the discount code 300MPG for 10% off!

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