Electric scooters for adults

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Electric scooters for adults

Triad Electric Vehicles is the actual manufacturer and we use the highest quality components to build 3 wheel electric scooters for adults. Customize your vehicle to your liking for personal or professional use with many colors and options available. Triad uses automotive grade electric car battery technology for the longest lasting value of any e scooter on the market. Our single electric scooter battery weighs 10X less and lasts 24X longer at 3-5 years based on average use. You will need 100 competitor batteries for just 1 Triad battery and with 4 times the amount of constant power on your Triad 750, all day driving is no problem. Your Triad fast charges in less than 1/2 the time as any other scooter.


4 models to choose from and up to 11 colors available. Call 855-648-7423 for best pricing.


Other competitor 3 wheel electric scooters for adults that are the challenger x for the Triad 750 have lead acid batteries and they weigh almost twice as much as the Original Triad 750 CSX. Lead acid batteries in those challenger x type scooters have 1/24th of the energy storage capacity and only 50% of the discharge depth. Competitor similar looking electric scooters for adults that are the challenger x to Triad 750 electric scooters provide inaccurate specifications about their motor rating and the speed is that of a 170 watt motor that has been amplified to 500W peak power which does not compare to the actual specification of a real 750W motor that is peak rated at 2250W of power.

The Triad Quantum Dual model has 2 rear electric scooter motors in the back wheels with 1000W electric scooter constant power peak rated at 3000w total power for maximum torque and traction over paved areas, grass, hills, compact gravel and dirt bike paths.

https://triadmotion.com, Call 855-648-7423 for direct sales, wholesale quantity manufacturing, or to become an Authorized Retailer of Triad Electric Vehicles

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