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EVELO Aurora Limited Review – $4k

EVELO Aurora Limited Review – k

Author: via YouTube
EVELO Aurora Limited Review - $4k The EVELO Aurora Limited is an approachable but sturdy electric bike, supporting up to 350lbs of combined rider and cargo weight. The deep step-thru frame is easy to mount and stand-over. Comfort-oriented upright riding position is achieved through a long steep stem and swept back handlebar. Fully adjustable spring suspension fork and high volume 2.8" wide plus sized tires smooth out the bumps and increase stability. It uses the Enviolo Automatic electronically shifted internally geared planetary hub IVP. Smart and powerful mid-drive motor from Dapu offers 105 newton meters of torque and ranges from 750 to 1,000 watt performance. The motor controller measures bicycle speed, pedal speed, and pedal torque for smooth intuitive activation. Very few mid-drive ebikes offer throttle on demand, and this one is setup very well because the throttle offers full power in any of the five assist levels. Clean, quiet, and reliable drivetrain thanks to the Gates carbon belt vs. a chain and the Enviolo 380-degree continuously variable transmission hub. Shifting is easy and there’s even an automatic shifting option that lets you pick a comfortable cadence and let the bike do the rest. Quality fenders, chain cover, integrated lights (with bright mode when braking), and rear rack make this a solid commuting platform. To achieve the step-thru wave frame without introducing frame flex, EVELO used thicker hydroformed tubing and added gussets in several places which increased the overall weight of the bike. The display has limited readouts and no USB charging port… but the battery pack does have a charging port. The bike is primarily sold direct to consumer, so there’s some effort and assembly required to unpack it and get things going. Only one frame size option here, consider the EVELO Galaxy 500 for a smaller, less powerful, very similar product.

0:00 Introduction
1:57 Drivetrain details
4:01 Rear rack discussion
5:52 Brake details
6:57 Battery details
7:17 Motor details
9:21 Chain cover, fenders
10:28 Sizing and seatpost
11:17 Stem, handlebar, grips
12:05 Battery removal
14:37 Battery charger details
15:51 Enviolo shifting options
18:45 Lights demonstration
20:07 Display walkthrough
22:01 Display settings menu
22:53 Ride test begins
25:32 Drivetrain closeups
28:33 Shifting under power
30:52 Off road tests
31:49 Third person shots
34:24 Conclusion

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