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HOW TO get your ebike prototype STOLEN

HOW TO get your ebike prototype STOLEN

Author: Bolton Ebikes via YouTube
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HOW TO get your ebike prototype STOLEN

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0:00 Wait, Bolton Ebikes is hiring?! Sweet!
0:45 Perhaps this guy would work well on the team…
1:45 First task of the day
2:16 He’s gonna break something
3:40 Sneak Peek – WANT TO NAME IT?!
3:55 It clearly says "DO NOT TOUCH!"
4:40 Taking it out for a spin
4:52 NO! Not KYLE’S Chair!!!
5:57 Shenanigans continue
6:27 Kyle is going to be SO HUNGRY!
7:03 At least he knows how to take out the trash….
7:55 Sleepin’ on the job

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