iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 Review – $2k

Author: ElectricBikeReview.com via YouTube
iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 Review - $2k

https://electricbikereview.com/igo-electric/core-extreme-2-0/ The iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 is a feature-complete fat tire electric bike with durable plastic fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and integrated lights. Advanced 32 pulse cadence sensor is more responsive and durable than average. Powerful 48 volt battery system with independent 22 amp controller and 500 to 750 watt hub motor are very capable off-road. Great attention to detail with sturdy 12 gauge spokes, a steel derailleur guard that also protects the motor power cable, upgraded suspension fork with preload adjust and compression with lockout to reduce bobbing and improve efficiency on smooth terrain, and adjustable kickstand that stays out of the way. Rated for up to 300 pounds of rider plus cargo weight. The 4" wide fat tires provide stability and comfort, but do increase drag and noise… lowering the pressure makes them capable in soft sand, loam, mud, and even some snow conditions. Simple display is easy to read and use, but doesn’t have a USB charging port. Variable speed trigger throttle is reliable and ideal for off-road riding. Only available in one frame size and color, but the long 350mm seat post and adjustable angle stem provide a decent range of fit options. Reention Kirin battery case doesn’t have a USB charging port like the older Dorado case and is a bit longer and bulkier. The bike is fairly heavy at 71.5lbs, mechanical disc brakes aren’t as easy to use or adjustable as hydraulic.

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