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Interview with an e-bike retailer

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By Derek Markham

This interview covers a lot of ground, from e-bike benefits to how to buy the right one for you.

The electric bike market seems to be rapidly expanding right now, with a lot of new brands, a lot of choices for buyers, and yet a lot of people have questions or reservations about them, so I called up Steve Appleton of and interviewed him. I distilled our hour-long conversation about e-bikes down to a slightly more manageable length, and edited it for clarity.

Q: Right now, prospective e-bike buyers can go to a dedicated e-bike store, or a traditional bike shop with a handful of e-bikes, a big-box store with e-bikes, or shop online for e-bikes. Could you lay out the pros and cons of the various e-bike retailer options?

Steve: Well, the e-bike market in the US is different than in Europe. You could say the European market is a little more mature, with a lot more choices and perhaps a lot more stores. I’m focused on the US market because I’m in the US, and the popularity e-bikes I would say is nationwide, but you find that southern California is the hot-bed for e-bikes…

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