Introducing SONDORS MXS – The Mountain Bike That Moves Mountains

SONDORS via YouTube
Introducing SONDORS MXS - The Mountain Bike That Moves Mountains

Introducing SONDORS MXS, the hardtail electric mountain bike SONDORS lovers have been longing for. At every angle, it’s all SONDORS, and extreme in every way. With the greatest performance, power, and adaptability of any model in the SONDORS lineup, MXS is designed to invite trail riders to push the limits of what’s possible.

SONDORS has created a rugged, high-performance electric mountain bike with absolute versatility and uncompromising utility including a powerful 750 watt motor and SONDORS proprietary 48V 17.5Ah Li-ion battery. SONDORS MXS was engineered from the ground up for brilliant single track handling and a balanced well-rounded ride. Super capable and built to shred with an ultra-durable aluminum hardtail frame, responsive, efficient AirShock front suspension, as well as suspension seat post, hydraulic disc brakes, easy-shifting drivetrain, grippy 27.5 Maxxis® tires and so much more.

A machine built to remove barriers, to move mountains. SONDORS MXS – so you can crush your greatest climb.

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