Meet Shimano’s ET5 performance-driven E-bike flat shoes | SHIMANO

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Meet Shimano’s ET5 performance-driven E-bike flat shoes  | SHIMANO

Meet Shimano’s performance-driven e-Bike flat shoes. ET5 flat pedal e-bike shoes that deliver uncompromising tech-driven performance and comfort – both on and off the bike.

Looking to add that extra edge to your e-bike rides? Our flat-soled ET5 shoes that lift you to that next level of efficiency, comfort, and walkability. While the Shimano ET5 may look very cool, they are created from a scientific approach that’s based on a century’s worth of cycling innovations. They expertly meet the unique demands of riding an e-bike. Both on and off the bike, you’ll feel more secure, confident, and effective in every move you make.

To get the most out of your Shimano ET5 e-bike shoes, pair them with PD-T8000/PD-M324/PD-GR500/PD-M8041 (men) or PD-T8000/PD-M324/PD-GR500/PD-M8040 (women) pedals.

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