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Pedego Element Review – $1.5k

Pedego Element Review – .5k

Author: via YouTube
Pedego Element Review - $1.5k The Pedego Element is a compact fat tire electric bike designed around a sturdy but approachable mid-step frame. With its low stand-over height and potential for low minimum saddle height, this is one of the few ebikes that works well for petite riders and even kids! The highly adjustable top-speed settings for pedal assist and throttle add safety or extend range by reducing power consumption. Optional aluminum alloy fenders, rear rack, headlight, and bags add utility. Six beautiful colors allow for personalization if friends, partners, or family members each buy an Element. The removable interchangeable battery pack is fantastic because it positions weight low and center on the frame, provides powerful 48 volt power flow, and offers USB charging! There is also a USB charging port built into the base of the LCD display panel (for maintaining smartphones and other portable electronic devices). Faster 3 Amp charger included. The drawbacks of smaller 20" wheels include higher attack angle and twitchy steering, but both are addressed by the high volume 20" x 4" fat tires here. These tires provide stability and an air cushion that reduces vibration and smooths bumpy terrain. The 5PSI to 30PSI pressure range can actually accommodate sand, packed, snow, and other soft terrain if lowered to 5PSI! Powerful 500W to 864W geared hub motor offers 45Nm of torque, chain guide protects pants and reduces drops, decent 7-speed cassette for comfort at different speeds. The tires do not have an extra puncture resistant lining to help reduce flats. There’s no suspension fork, but the bike ships with a 30.4mm to 27.2mm shim for use with an aftermarket suspension seatpost. The mechanical disc brakes require more hand effort and are less adjustable than hydraulic. Somewhat limited 12 to 28 tooth cassette.

0:00 Introduction, frame geometry
4:24 Brake details
6:50 Motor details
9:55 Warranty details
11:19 Drivetrain and shifter
14:09 Frame and max weight
15:42 Optional integrated headlight
16:17 Optional fenders and rack
18:24 Controller, battery removal
19:03 Charger, tools, manual
21:51 USB charging ports
22:30 Display panel walkthrough
26:07 Display settings menu
26:43 Ride test begins
28:56 Third person shots
32:14 Closeup drivetrain

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