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Prodecotech USA ebike Vlog: ebike smile

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Author: ProdecoTech
Prodecotech USA ebike Vlog: ebike smile

ProdecoTech USA Built Electric Bikes.

There is an electric bike trend sweeping the nation.

It comes from America’s desires to ride further,

ride faster, to reduce our carbon footprint and to have fun doing it.

More Americans are ditching their solo commute to work
in a gas guzzling car in exchange for the fresh air and trailblazing,
environmentally responsible road that a trip on an electric bike takes you on.

Getting to work everyday doesn’t have to mean suffering through a difficult commute,
being stuck in traffic, waiting for public transportation,
struggling to find parking
and a million other things that make the commute one of the most frustrating and stressful parts of American’s daily work life.

When you ride an ebike to work, you get exercise, fresh air and a happy, stress-reducing start to your day.

There is also the satisfaction in knowing you are part of a trailblazing effort to make the world greener, safer and happier by riding an electric bicycle.

Every mile you ride on an electric bicycle instead of in a car, you save 150 grams of CO2 from hitting the ozone.

Electric bikes are a zero emissions vehicle and actually burn cleaner than the human body.

However, being eco is not the best reason to ride one. Simply put, electric bicycles are the form of transportation that enables you to get where you are going in a fun, safe, efficient and eco-friendly way.

Once you hit the throttle, engage the pedal-assist or start pedaling, you will feel the rush that has captivated the world and has electric bikes trending everywhere.

Try a ProdecoTech electric bicycle for the first time and experience ebike smile. It’s a rush to experience an electric bicycle ride for the first time and it almost always results in the famous ebike smile.

ProdecoTech electric bicycles are built in the USA, which should give you another reason to smile.

There are millions of reasons to join the electric bicycle movement in the USA. Find yours at