Race Bike Story

Author: Etergo via YouTube
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Race Bike Story

A group of #Etergo engineers decided to enter a 10-hour endurance race in Northern France. Not only did they have a looming deadline to work under, but they also faced the challenge of working under a tight budget. Check out who they are & how they managed to do it in our blog post series.

Race Bike Story #1: https://blog.etergo.com/race-bike-story-1-building-a-custom-motorbike-in-2-months/
Race Bike Story #2: https://blog.etergo.com/race-bike-story-2-the-competition-heats-up/
Race Bike Story #3: https://blog.etergo.com/race-bike-story-3-benefits-of-an-electric-vs-petrol-motorbike


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