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Review: Raleigh Redux IE w/Brose drivetrain

An excelent review by Haye Kesteloo at of the Raleigh Redux IE eBike. Here’s an excerpt:
A few weeks ago, I was able to get my hands on the 2017 Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame and it has become one of my favorite commuter-style e-bikes ever. The Redux IE is fast, very maneuverable, light (for an e-bike anyway), quiet, it strikes the right balance when it comes to value for money (regularly $3199, on sale now for $2699) and maybe most importantly, this bike is so fun I can’t wait to ride.

I’m not sure if it is the geometry, the rigid aluminum frame or the combination of all the components working together, but when you get on this bike, it simply works. It is agile, nimble and above all fun to ride.

Of course, there may be better bikes (more expensive?) and there may be cheaper bikes (lower quality?), but I think the Raleigh Redux IE hits the sweet spot in the range of commuter-style e-bikes. Is it perfect? No, it is not… but it gets as close as I’ve yet seen…

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The Electrek Review: Raleigh Redux IE w/Brose drivetrain the new electric commuter bike benchmark?