Revolve The Chopper Review – $1.8k

Author: via YouTube
Revolve The Chopper Review - $1.8k The Revolve Chopper is a unique hub-drive fat tire bike with a style reminiscent of chopper style motorcycles with its matte black accents, 12” rising handlebars, 25mph throttle performance, and wide saddle with comfort springs. Very comfortable all around thanks to the saddle, front suspension fork, relaxed riding position, angled back seat post, higher reach handlebars, and knobby Kenda tires. The high capacity battery at 48v 13ah and the 500 watt electrical system are complimented very well by Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors. As this bike is made for cruising, the throttle is a lot of fun, but pedaling for extended periods of time are uncomfortable due to the thigh rub on the saddle and the pronounced delay in the 5 magnet cadence sensor.

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