Scooter Pothole Test – Big Wheels vs Small Wheels

Author: Swifty Scooters via YouTube
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Scooter Pothole Test - Big Wheels vs Small Wheels

*We want to make it clear that is video is not intended as an advertisement for Swifty or a marketing stunt. While our opinion is obviously not without bias, our concern is the safety of riders. There are many other brands manufacturing safe large wheel scooters and we support a safe competitive market place*

The UK Government is asking for evidence and views on how to help develop policies for micromobility so that it can be introduced safely to our society.

We have some serious concerns about the safety of small wheel scooters, and have found the best way to test if scooters are up to safety standard is to put them through a ‘Pothole Test’.

Here Jason runs us through the footage from our test of a 16-inch vs 8-Inch wheel scooter, highlighting some of the striking differences and serious design concerns.

Read our blog about the pothole test –

Read the IFT’s Safe Micromobility report –

In this video, we test a SwiftyAIR vs a Xiaomi m365.


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