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Stromer ST3 Review – $8.5k

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Stromer ST3 Review – .5k

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Stromer ST3 Review - $8.5k The Stromer ST3 is a stealthy urban speed pedelec (L1e-B in Europe) that offers premium design elements, sophisticated pedal assist (measuring pedal torque, terrain incline, and acceleration), keyless activation, GPS theft recovery, and motor tuning via smartphone app. Extremely smooth, quiet, and durable gearless direct drive hub motor from TDCM offers adjustable energy recapture with regenerative braking. Capable 11-speed drivetrain with wide 11-42 tooth cassette, durable Shimano Deore XT derailleur with clutch, upgraded narrow-wide chainring with alloy guard to reduce drops. Available in two frame styles (sporty high-step and approachable mid-step), three frame sizes ranging from medium to extra-large, and two refined color schemes (Cool White and Deep Black) with very limited branding and iconography. Comfort oriented touch points include Ergon locking grips and gel saddle, aggressive or upright stem choice, and optional inverted air suspension fork. High-volume moped tires custom made by Pirelli provide stability, comfort, and puncture resistance. Sturdy ultra-bright integrated lights keep you visible offering high and low beam operation for different situations, integrated USB A plug in head tube can a smartphone when using the optional OMNI app. Powerful 203mm hydraulic disc brakes with quad piston front caliper provide excellent stopping power, and brake levers activate bright mode on the rear light. Sturdy tubular fenders, capable Rack Time compatible rear rack, bottle cage bosses on both frame types, and a custom stem that hides wires. Heavier than average, especially with the optional suspension fork upgrade… which costs ~$1k extra. Limited adjustability on the optional air fork (air pressure only). Rear rack is fairly narrow and may not support child carriers. The battery charger is large and heavy, but fills quickly and uses a magnetic plug to reduce damage if snagged. Limited availability through dealers in North America. Smartphone app does not show current speed, range calculator, or GPS trip planning. Battery compartment door will not stay shut if battery is not installed on the bike.

0:00 Introduction
1:14 Pricing details
1:22 Optional WREN suspension fork details
2:43 Size, style, color, and accessory options
3:42 Drivetrain overview
4:21 Bicycle weight
4:32 Tire details
5:53 Walkaround oververview
7:34 Fender details
8:21 Horn closeup
8:39 Kickstand details
9:08 Rear rack overview
10:27 Brake details
12:45 Pedal assist details
14:54 Powering the bike on
15:27 Battery removal, details, and care
19:06 Power on and OMNI display
22:13 Display settings menus
23:16 Smartphone app overview
25:56 Ride test begins
27:25 Drivetrain closeups
31:48 Lifting up stairs, walk mode
32:38 Third person shots
34:32 Closing thoughts

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