Tesla Full Pack BMS Controller Communication

Author: Raglan Electric Bikes via YouTube
Tesla Full Pack BMS Controller Communication

Here we have a go at speaking to a Tesla Model S ‘full’ battery computer.
Fresh from our success with using Collin Kidder’s code to talk to a battery module we decide to take this on. I think we did OK for a morning’s work 🙂
Step 1: Figure out wiring-check
Step 2: Use oscilloscope to look for presence of CAN messages-check
Step 3: Use Collin Kidder’s Savvy CAN & GVRET with a laptop and Arduino to read the CAN messages-check
To do:
Step 4: Decode the CAN messages
Step 5: Understand why the BMS shuts down after a few seconds-try sniffing a running car and also try a controller that’s still connected the it’s battery.

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