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Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped Review – $6k Full Suspension SUV Ebike

Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped Review – k Full Suspension SUV Ebike

Author: via YouTube
Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped Review - $6k Full Suspension SUV Ebike The Trek Powerfly FS 9 Equipped is a premium "do anything" full suspension electric bike that’s equipped to handle pavement, trails, light mountain terrain, rain, shine, day, or night conditions. Available in five frame sizes for optimal fit, the XS and S come with 27.5" wheels and the M, L, and XL come with 29" wheels. Sold through one of North America’s largest network of dealers. Trek and Bosch provide excellent support and warranty. Custom made extra-wide plastic fenders are durable and quiet, very capable in off-road conditions. A sleek and sturdy rear rack provides 25kg (55lbs) of cargo capacity with pannier hangers on both sides and a removable top platform for trunk bags. Puncture resistant tires also feature unique black reflective stripes that combine safety with aesthetics. Downtube-integrated battery pack and mid-drive motor keep weight low and center. Trek designed a "RIB" battery casing includes a handle for safe removal and transport. The battery doesn’t rattle, and it can be charged on or off the bike with the fast 4 amp charger. Peformance Line CX motor is the most powerful from Bosch, but lightweight with a magnesium casing. Highly adjustable air suspension front and rear with 120mm and 100mm travel respectively. Boost hub spacing and thru-axles increase wheel strength. Extra large 203mm hydraulic disc brakes with heat sinks and alloy cores deliver incredible stopping power. The biggest trade-offs here include the high price, smartphone display (that some may not like), louder motor operation, and increased weight (due to the high capacity battery and accessories).

0:00 Introduction
1:41 Motor (Bosch Performance Line CX)
3:53 Drivetrain (chainring, cassette, shifters)
5:31 Suspension overview and comparison
8:14 Battery (Bosch PowerTube 625)
9:54 Weight details (bike and battery)
11:50 Battery charger and charging port
13:06 Shifters and brake levers
14:13 Brake calipers and rotors
14:55 Tire details
16:18 Suspension deep dive
20:01 Display panel operation (Bosch SmartphoneHub)
23:59 Walk mode demo
24:34 Smartphone app demo
29:12 Lights demo
30:43 Ride test begins
33:13 Third person ride shots
33:56 Frame mounted drivetrain shots

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