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Wave Continues To Improve and Innovate!

Wave Continues To Improve and Innovate!

They say that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again… and to expect different results. Well, one company that has definitely learned from its past missteps is the company behind the Wave Electric Bikes. Our Wave eBikes are part of a new generation of electric bicycles that are rocketing through previous barriers to entry in the electric bike market. We’ve proven our concept and the we’ve demonstrated to the world just how popular and environmentally sustainable the electric bike concept is… and in the process, we’ve made some improvements of our own, all of which have been driven by feedback from our valued customers.

If you’ve stumbled across this blog while doing some research on the topic of electric bikes, then we’ll cover the basics for you. An electric bicycle is just what you think it is. It’s a bicycle that you can pedal or which can, with the help of the electric motor attached to the bike, either propel you without pedaling or give you “pedal assist” to help you go longer distances (and help you up steep hills). What you get when you buy an electric bicycle like the Wave is a bike that you can ride for fun, ride for exercise, or ride for reliable transportation. It’s great for the environment, costs very little to run per mile, extends your effective range, and helps you out of a jam if you end up riding too far or facing a hill that’s too tall. It is, therefore, the best of both worlds where transportation and recreation are concerned. It is transportation that is fun and great for you, but which will do the work for you when you need it to do so.

Electric bikes have proven incredibly popular. When the creative team behind the Wave launched its original crowdfunding campaign for the first Wave, they were amazed by the response from the market to what was then marketed as “the world’s most affordable electric bicycle.” The Wave easily undercut the asking price of its closest competitors (whose crowdfunding campaign, in turn, earned an amazing amount of money in its own right). In fact, the Wave ebike earned a thousand times its original crowdfunding goal when its campaign was run. But even though that crowdfunding campaign was incredibly successful, there were some kinks to get ironed out of the process.

So what took place, exactly? The creative team behind the Wave were overwhelmed by their own success. They didn’t have sufficient customer service help retained and instead tried to handle the demand themselves. The result was that there were a few issues that needed to be addressed, despite the great quality offered by the original Wave. That original Wave had a 48-volt, 750-watt hub motor regulated below the top speed capability of 28 miles per hour. The motor’s single-charge range was 52 pedal-assist miles from its 12-amp hour batteries. For best results, the bicycle, which shipped needing assembly, had to be professionally assembled, and the steel frame and heavy battery rack proved to be points of contention.

The result was an opportunity for improvement and then some. The Wave’s original clientele asked again and again for certain improvements, and put their faith in the company to make those happen. Make them happen we did. We are firm believers in the fact that the electric bicycle is the future of sustainable transportation and incredibly fun recreation. We decided to start by upgrading our customer service team in order to respond in a more timely fashion to customer feedback. We also made extensive design changes to the Wave. These included a redesign for what we now call the Wave 2.0. It has an aluminum frame, unlike the old steel frame of the original Wave. This reduces weight and improves overall durability of the bicycle, something that is greatly helpful. We’ve also upgraded the brakes for the newest version of the Wave.

The original Wave had serviceable lithium-ion batteries which, while good, weren’t as good as we could make them. We upgraded the batteries to the gold standard of power cells for the industry, which is Samsung cells. We also eliminated the very clunky battery rack, something heavy and unwieldy enough that early reviews of the bike mentioned it repeatedly. While we were busy making upgrades, we also introduced a new version of the Wave bike, adding our first folding bike to the product line. That Folding Wave has all of the great design improvements we incorporated in the Wave 2.0, but it doesn’t have a battery pack at all. The Folding Wave represents our desire to respond to customer feedback and provide a better customer experience overall.

Electric bikes are the future for a very good set of reasons. They’re environmentally sustainable, yes, which makes them environmentally friendly in a way that other fuel-consuming methods of transportation simply cannot be. But the Wave is also a fun means of getting where you need to go while also enjoying the health benefits of bicycles. Bicycling is low-impact and gets you outside to enjoy the world around you. And while other electric bikes on the market continue to be price-prohibitive because they are so expensive, the Wave continue to be the most affordable biking option on the market. When you want an electric bicycle, you definitely want the Wave. To put it in terms of numbers, with the features it offers, the Wave 2.0 has features that comparable electric bikes have in the eighteen hundred dollar range. You simply are not going to find another electric bike as good as the Wave at a price as low as we ask… and that makes purchasing a Wave a no-brainer when you are in the market for an electric bicycle.

Explore our website today to learn more about the electric bicycle of the future. Our Wave product line will amaze you. You’ll enjoy riding your Wave Electric Bike, and you’ll get where you need to go reliably and affordably. That’s the best possible compromise where electric bikes are concerned, and we’d be happy to prove it to you.