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We Made It Right Here In The Usa

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We Made It Right Here In The Usa

Author: Bolton Ebikes via YouTube
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We Made It Right Here In The Usa

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0:00 This video will blow your mind!
0:04 What is that tool?
0:25 Made in The Good ‘Old USA
0:40 Bolton Labs members get First Dibs. Want in?
1:02 What does it do?
1:50 The first prototype & process
2:46 How we improved on all of the renditions.
3:19 The progress to get to the end result
4:52 Downside of an older traditional design
5:31 The Bolton Ebikes Version!!!
6:20 Let’s see it in action!
7:20 I WANT ONE!
7:25 Do you have a bike business? Get it wholesale!
7:41 Kyle didn’t do this by himself – Meet Jeralee!
7:55 Listen to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast EP 45 for MORE!
9:03 How It’s Made.
10:43 Join Bolton Labs to be a part of the process of making tools and to get early access!
11:19 How Do I Get One?!

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