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Weight Distribution Matters! Electric Bike Design

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Author: Propella Electric Bikes
Weight Distribution Matters! Electric Bike Design

One of the most overlooked topics in electric bikes is weight distribution! Weight distribution is more important in the design of electric bikes than normal bikes because the battery and motors are relatively heavy components compared to other bike parts, and depending on how they are positioned on the bike frame, they can have a large impact on the ride dynamics of the bike, as well as rider’s safety.

The simple rule of thumb is: the weight of the battery and motor should be lowered as much as possible and also well balanced throughout the entire bike. There are many EBike manufacturers that place the motor and the battery in the rear part of the bike and this is NOT GOOD! (From our perspective. And sometimes adding an enormous battery or motor is just wrong in general.

Depending on what type of EBike you ride, an unbalanced weight distribution can be uncomfortable and unsafe. (Safety is usually a concern when riding at higher speeds or making turns on a wet pavement with a heavy or unbalanced EBike).

At Propella, we focus on weight distribution a lot! This is mainly because we believe that “a great electric bike must be a great bike in the first place” and the EBike should ride and feel like a traditional bike (at least as much as possible).

The combination of lightweight and well-balanced weight distribution of Propella 2.0 results in a superior ride dynamics that provides a much safer and more fun ride!

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