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What to Expect From an Electric Cargo Bike

What to Expect From an Electric Cargo Bike

Author: Rad Power Bikes via YouTube
What to Expect From an Electric Cargo Bike

We place our award-winning electric bikes into four categories: off-road, city, cargo, and folding. Whatever your ideal ride looks like, we have a bike built to handle it.

Our electric cargo bikes are not just tasked with carrying you and your gear. They’re designed to make it easy — whether you’re carrying kids or cargo. That means easy to stop and start, easy to load and unload, and easy to handle for the ride in between.
They’re built with a focus on payload and stability. The small(er) wheels lower the center of gravity, and a long wheelbase also helps increase stability, even when heavily loaded.  The rigid built-in racks carry more weight with less wiggle and their study kickstands keep the bike stable during loading and unloading. Our lineup of accessories let you customize your bike for nearly any task, from hauling groceries to shuttling around other passengers.

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