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Which Electric Bike Motor is Best?

Which Electric Bike Motor is Best?

Author: Bolton Ebikes via YouTube
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Which Electric Bike Motor is Best?

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0:00 The question many people ask is…..
0:38 Warthog Update!
1:33 How they work.
2:10 Check out the blackboard
3:00 Is one better than the other?
3:44 Torque sensor myths – busted!
4:31 Regenerative brakes? Hmmm..
6:52 IP Rating (for water) on both motors
7:22 What about efficiency?
8:20 But how do they really work?
14:55 The #1 thing that makes a difference
16:10 What’s best for new riders?
16:22 Durability?
17:58 Is one heavier than the other?
19:02 How you can get more cool videos like this!

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