FTN Motion Streetdog Test Ride

Author: NewZeroland via YouTube Go to Source Check out FTN’s website! https://www.ftnmotion.com/ 🥼 Merch! https://newzeroland.creator-spring.com/ 🏍 Bikes: FTN Motion Streetdog 🎥 Gear: Huawei P20 Pro + GoPro Hero 9 🥝 Location: New Zealand 🎵 Music: lukrembo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcUuUhBChMXm-irdwoFT-vg/ Thanks for watching! – newzeroland – #FTNMotion​ #ElectricMotorcycle​ #newzeroland Go to Source

Casual Friday – Ecotric Dolphin Electric Bike Assembly

Author: All Bike Update via YouTube You know what day it is, so you know how we treat it over here: casual. 😉 In today’s super-casual episode, we’re putting together the Dolphin from Ecotric. Our In-Depth review is inbound, so keep a not-so-casual eye peeled for it. Ecotric Dolphin Landing Page – https://www.ecotric.com/collections/ul-dolphin/products/ul-ecotric-white-portable-and-folding-fat-bike-model-dolphin Go to […]

EV News 136: Gogoro Viva, Live Wire Electric Bike, Ola EVs UK

Video by Electric Vehicles via YouTube Source Electric Vehicles News Today News 1: Gogoro Viva Electric Scooter in India 2: OLA EVs in UK 3: TADA electric tuktuks in India 4: Harley Davidson Livewire Electric bike 1)Hero Electric Optima LX Lithium Powered (Blue):https://amzn.to/2VqrtOk 2)Hero Electric Nyx ER Scooter With Max Speed 42 km/hr:https://amzn.to/3fVZnEi 3)Hero Electric […]

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