Building a GRX gravel bike with round-the-world record holder Mark Beaumont | SHIMANO

#RideShimano via YouTube Go to Source Subtitles available! Click on the CC (closed captions) button below the video. You might know Mark Beaumont as the World Record holder for cycling around the world in an eye watering 79 days, but there’s much more to this multi adventure athlete than that. After riding the length of […]

Bosch eBike Systems Introduces the Nyon Computer for 2021

Author: Bosch eBike Systems Go to Source Electric bikes will be significantly smarter for the 2021 model year thanks to the new Nyon computer, which is fully connected to the digital eBike world of Bosch eBike Systems. More on Nyon: Nyon automatically synchronizes the ride data with the eBike Connect app and its associated […]

Make DC to DC Boost Converter ( Voltage Step-up ) DIY – PART 1

Author: Mr Electron via YouTube Go to Source Make DC to DC Boost Converter ( Voltage Step-up ) DIY – PART 1 Mr. Electron 😍😎 = DC Motor Videos = What’s Inside = Repair & Restore = Make Welding Machine = DC Converters = Electric Bikes = AC […]

How To Install European LED Turn Signals on a Vespa 946 (& Remove USA Pod Turn Signals)

Video by Vespa Motorsport via YouTube Source Front Left TS: Front Right TS: Rear Left TS: Rear Right TS: LED Flasher: For the largest selection of parts and accessories in North America, please visit our website: WWW.SCOOTERWEST.COM Thanks for watching! Go to Source

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