6 Technologies that will shape our future

6 Technologies that will shape our future

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6 Technologies that will shape our future

This past week we went to CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. We got to check out a bunch of new and exciting technology and wanted to share our experiences with you all. This video is the first of a few different topics we plan on sharing from the event but wanted to start with a bit of a show overview. Some of the technology we got to cover included the new Bosch sensor technology, Lidar sensors, autonomous vehicles, robots, space programs, and much more.

As always, thanks for watching. Let us know if there’s anything else you might want us to cover!

0:00 What is CES?
0:45 CES health protocols and covid tests
1:30 CES show overview
1:50 Bosch Smart system
2:30 How our technology is changing
2:50 Autonomous racecars
3:25 John Deer autonomous tractor
3:45 CES robots
4:10 How does Lidar technology work?
4:45 Using Lidar technology for transportation
5:45 Using 5g to connect data
6:20 Bosch sensor technology
7:40 Bike theft detection technology
8:35 Sensors to detect forest fires
9:10 Sensors are the technology of the future
10:10 Building homes in space
10:50 Society is isolating ourselves
12:05 Can connection be replaced by technology?
12:20 Handy technology
12:50 Companies becoming more sustainable
13:45 Riding the Las Vegas monorail
13:55 Riding bike from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
15:15 Technology certifications for safety standards

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6 Technologies that will shape our future
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