Chinese Scooter Factory Tour Episode 2 2 Quality Checking QC process of M2 model

Video by LinksEride Tech via YouTube Source Hi there! in this episode 2-2, I’ll show you a few of quality checking processes after we finish assemble the scooter. Today is with model M2. I’ll have more like these factory tour videos for quality checking, packing, loading and etc. coming in the following weeks. If you […]

ROYALE foldable bicycle – For the special one (ft. Suhaimi Yusof) | MOBOT

Video by MOBOT via YouTube Source The ROYALE foldable bicycle is a purposely built bike for anyone who wants a seamless transfer between the various modes of transport. This bike folds into a compact box-like dimension. For this reason, this bicycle is one of the easiest to carry and store in the industry. In addition, […]

National Award Director Nag Ashwin Electric Car Ownership Review | Prabhas

Video by Electric Vehicles via YouTube Source Director Nag Ashwin’s upcoming movie with Prabhas Project K, he is using an electric car Mahindra e2o plus for the last 4 years. He discussed both positives and negatives about Mahindra electric car. Nag Ashwin electric car ownership review, also electric vehicle knowledge sharing about Ola and simple […]

I found ALL the Electric Scooters…

Video by Ben Fox via YouTube Source Fun:Bikes invited me down to check out there e-scooters, here’s what I found… | AD ( 👇🏻CHECK OUT 👇🏻 🎙 My new Podcast! 🙌🏻Support me on Patreon! 💸Rent Cool Stuff for Free! (£20 FREE CREDIT) 🇬🇧Shop Scooters UK: (Discount code: GOELECTRICBEN) 🛴Recommended E-Scooters 🛴 […]

Make a 220v to 3.7v Lithium Ion 18650 Battery Charger without Transistor, Mosfet or IC

Author: Mr Electron via YouTube Go to Source A 18650 Battery Charger sponsored by NextPCB (Register to get $100 from NextPCB: has been made by me in this project. The charger is 220v to 3.7 volt for lithium ion battery charging without any transistor, Mosfet or IC but only ( 0$ for 5-10pcs PCB […]

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