Make DC to DC Boost Converter ( Voltage Step-up ) DIY – PART 1

Author: Mr Electron via YouTube Go to Source Make DC to DC Boost Converter ( Voltage Step-up ) DIY – PART 1 Mr. Electron 😍😎 = https://bit.ly/MrElectron DC Motor Videos = https://bit.ly/More_on_DCMotors What’s Inside = https://bit.ly/Whats_Inside_Videos Repair & Restore = https://bit.ly/Repair_and_Restore Make Welding Machine = https://bit.ly/Welding_Machines_diy DC Converters = https://bit.ly/DC_Converters Electric Bikes = https://bit.ly/E-Bike_Videos AC […]

South Island NZ Road Trip 🥝 Part 2: Arthurs Pass (Coast to Coast)

Author: NewZeroland via YouTube Go to Source Our 3rd and 4th days of the trip. In this video, we ride from the east coast in Akaroa all the way across Arthurs Pass to the west coast. 🥼 Merch! https://teespring.com/stores/newzeroland 🏍 Bikes: 2020 Energica Ego 🎥 Gear: Huawei P20 Pro + GoPro Hero 9 🥝 Location: […]

Why Electric Bikes are More Dangerous than Motorcycles

Video by FortNine via YouTube Source More fun, more speed and less effort. E-bikes seem like a no-brainer. But not so fast. These innocent little electric bicycles are a lot closer to motorcycles than pedal bikes when it comes to injury rates. GEAR BREAKDOWN Cable & Chain Locks : https://frt9.co/0449vc First Aid Kits : https://frt9.co/93hyyy […]

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