The Pros and Cons of E-Bikes: Explained (pt 3/7) ⚡️🚲 #ebike #ebikes #electricbike #emobility

Video by SWAGTRON via YouTube Source Are you curious about e-bikes but don’t know if the pros outweigh the cons or what the pros and cons even are? In this video, we explain the pros and cons of e-bikes so that you can make the best decision possible when considering purchasing an electric bike. TL;DR […]

FREE EBIKE | Bandit Bike X-Trail Lite Giveaway

Video by Electrified Reviews via YouTube Source We are pretty big fans of the Bandit Bike Ebikes that we’ve tested so far, and we’ve teamed up with Bandit Bike to get someone in our community a free Ebike. Watch the video for details. GIVEAWAY LINK 💳 https://electrifiedreviews.com/login?wishlist_id=172&wishlist_type=bike 🔥 INTERESTED IN PURCHASING OUR REVIEW UNITS? Demo […]

SLUK | Italy: Faenza flood hits scooter museum

Video by ScooterLab.UK via YouTube Source The recent floods in Italy have hit the Emilia Romagna region hard. This private scooter museum has lost priceless memorabilia and been left with a devastating clean-up operation. Sticky visited to try and help. Read all about it here: https://scooterlab.uk/italy-floods-sorrow-and-spirit-in-the-scooter-scene-feature/ Go to Source

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