Ather 450X | The World’s Only Scooter with Google Maps*

Video by Ather Energy via YouTube Source Alongside our dashboard update, all Gen 2 and Gen 3 scooters are now receiving a map makeover too. Here are the 3 main advantages offered by our industry-first partnership with Google Maps: 📍 A smooth, buffer-free navigation experience 📍 Live traffic to help you choose the right route […]

Revi Bikes Oasis review: $1,799 Elevate Your Commute With The Ebike That Has It All

Video by Electrified Reviews via YouTube Source See the full written review and more photos: https://www.electrifiedreviews.com/blog/revi-bikes-oasis-review-1799-elevate-your-commute-with-the-ebike-that-has-it-all Check out the Oasis website: Oasis tl;dr version of the written review: Hey there, ebike enthusiast! Are you tired of your long, boring commute to work? Well, we’ve got just the solution for you. Meet the Revi Bikes Oasis. […]

Rambo Rebel ST: $5,499 The Ultimate Hunting Electric Bike for Rugged Terrain!

Video by Electrified Reviews via YouTube Source See the written review plus some more photos: https://www.electrifiedreviews.com/blog/rambo-rebel-st-5499-the-ultimate-hunting-electric-bike-for-rugged-terrain Check out the Rambo Rebel ST website: https://www.rambobikes.com/electric-bike/the-rebel-step-thru-1000w-ebike/ tl;dr version of the written review: The Rambo Rebel ST is the latest model from Rambo Bikes and it’s exactly what you’d think it would be–a sleek design, robust performance, and […]

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