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India’s Longest Range Electric Bike – 450 KM | Surge 10K

Video by Electric Vehicles via YouTube Source Made in India’s Longest Range Electric Bike Surge 10k full details includes speed, range and launch date. Booking Link – Emote electric Surge 10k specs Top Speed 120 km/h Range 450 km Motor – 5 kW Battery – 3.1 kWh Price – 1.4 to 1.6 lakh rupees […]

The All New Juiced Bikes Scorpion X

Author: Juiced Bikes via YouTube Go to Source DISCOVER MORE: The new Scorpion X delivers an upgraded riding experience with more power, speed, and range! Equipped with a new electronics system and custom RetroBlade motor, Scorpion X offers an epic e-bike value loaded with super premium features. Key features include: 750W Retroblade Motor Speeds […]

Addmotor M-60 R7 Electric Bike Assembly Tutorial & Operations Guide

Video by addmotor via YouTube Source Addmotor Customer service team is here to help! This video is only a general guide to assist in the assembly of your bike. We recommend consulting a bicycle repair specialist to assist with the assembly, repair, and maintenance of your bike. Please check if there’s any shipping damage while […]

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