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Aventon Pace 350 E-Bike Review | Best Cheap Electric Bikes 2019


If you’ve been an electric-bike window shopper all these years, now is the time to step inside and consider a purchase.
The Aventon Pace 350 just made it easier (as in more affordable) to stop wishing and start riding.
For a thousand bucks you get a Class 2 e-bike (that means it tops out at 20 mph and has a throttle), 27.5-inch wheels that move you forward even faster, a 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, and five levels of e-assist. Aventon claims you’ll get about 30 miles on one charge depending on how you’re using your Pace 350. (As with any e-bike, when you factor in hills, wind, assist mode, rider weight, and all that fun stuff, range isn’t an exact science.) …

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