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BEST ELECTRIC BILL EVER! Solar Grid-Tie/Time-of-Use/August 2020

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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BEST ELECTRIC BILL EVER! Solar Grid-Tie/Time-of-Use/August 2020

I just got my best electric bill ever! Since I have grid-tie solar, I’m exporting power to the electric company and getting credited for it! Since I export more power than I use THEY owe ME!
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I’m currently on a Time-of-Use plan with my power company. Electricity costs me $0.20 per kWh during the day, and $0.06 at night. But I also EARN 20 cents per kWh during the day when I EXPORT power!

Although I didn’t actually export a whole lot more power this last month that what I used, is was SELLING HIGH and BUYING LOW!

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