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Better With Bikes: Cyclocross

Trek Bicycle via YouTube
Better With Bikes: Cyclocross

What exactly is Cyclocross? Where did this cycling oddball come from? And what makes it such a fun sport for both spectators and athletes alike?

On this episode, we chat with Scott Daubert (Trek’s Race Shop Manager) and Ellen Noble (Professional CXer) to talk all things CX. They’ll dig into Trek’s dedication to the ‘cross, the relationships that shaped the sport’s first equal pay World Cup, what it means to be a professional racer, and more.

Along the way, Scott provides sneak peaks at the 2019 event, insight on how this year’s course layout came to be, and shows why World Cup Waterloo is cycling’s biggest FOMO-inducing event.

About Better with Bikes:
Better With Bikes explores the inspiring, unknown, and behind-the-scenes stories of people changing the world with bikes — sometimes in ways you might not expect. This podcast is our way of pulling back the curtain and giving these extraordinary people a platform to share their perspective on cycling’s unique and varied culture.

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