Cyrusher XF690 Assembly

Cyrusher XF690 Assembly

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Cyrusher XF690 Assembly

Thank you for choosing the Cyrusher XF690 and welcome to the Cyrusher Family. You can connect with other Cyrusher Owners in our Facebook Group here:

In this video, we show you how to assemble the Cyrusher XF690. Setup takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. All of the required tools and parts are in the accessories box.

Please pay special attention to the headset and pedals. Some quick tips are down below.

Headset Adjustment

When shipped, the XF690 headset will be facing the rear of the bike. Make sure to loosen the headset, turn it 180-degrees, and re-tighten it.

Pedal Assembling

Both pedals are labeled with an "R" or "L" on the pedal end side. Please make sure that the pedal with the mark letter "R" means it is for the Right Side crankset arm, if you see the "L" mark letter that means it is for the Left Side crankset arm.

If the pedal is not on the correct side it may lead to thread damage.






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Cyrusher XF690 Assembly
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