Declassifying Product and Pricing at Ather Energy

Declassifying Product and Pricing at Ather Energy

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Declassifying Product and Pricing at Ather Energy

How does a product get built based on pricing? What are the considerations on what goes into a product based on target pricing? How does a hardware product in the market evolve? Milind Kothekar, Chief of Staff and Head of Product at Ather joins in to discuss everything product, and the evolution of that journey.

In this Episode:

Milind Kothekar: Chief of Staff & Head of Product
Abhishek Balaji: Community Manager

00:00 Introduction
01:51 Why are Ather scooters so expensive?
04:20 Building the Ather 450
10:37 The expensive parts
13:20 Compromises
16:22 Range, Range & Range
23:08 Charging Infrastructure
28:00 Cost of changes
36:16 Software, connectivity and smarts
43:05 Product value vs Profit
46:34 450 Product Roadmap

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Declassifying Product and Pricing at Ather Energy
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