E-bikes may hit trail soon

By Amy Hamilton

Owners of electric bikes who faced an uphill battle to ride on the Colorado Riverfront Trail may see a smooth road ahead.

Members of the Colorado Riverfront Commission previously banned the bikes along the Grand Valley’s roughly 26-mile path, but have changed their stance.

Because of a change of heart at the state level, commission members told members of the Grand Junction City Council at a recent meeting that they now are neutral on the issue.

Frank Watt, co-chairman of the commission, told councilors that the issue of whether to allow the bikes on the path would be up to the municipalities along the path.

Watt said group members still are not comfortable with safety issues such as having cyclists traveling at varying speeds, considering the sharp bends in the path.

“We want to be there to assist the city and make the trail as safe as possible,” Watt said.

A recently passed Colorado law is boosting the e-bike cause. The law removes electric bikes from the definition of motor vehicles, defining e-bikes in three categories…

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E-bikes may hit trail soon
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