E-bikes set to make inroads in the Midwest

Chicago Tribune
By Mary Wisniewski

I’ m not a technophobe, but electric bikes used to make me nervous.

I tried one last year and it accelerated so fast that I felt like Wile E. Coyote, about to be dumped in the dust by an Acme rocket blaster.

I wondered why you would want an electric bike. Don’t you want the exercise? And why would you need it in the Midwest flatlands?

Vendors were in Lincolnwood this past weekend for the first ever Midwest electric or “e-bike” expo and were eager to answer all these questions.

E-bike advocates said that pedal-assist-style battery-powered bikes still provide exercise but let riders try longer commutes than they might attempt with a regular bike. E-bikes also can open up biking to people who are older or have health problems that discourage them from biking…

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E-bikes set to make inroads in the Midwest
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